Fire Noodles Challenge

In one of my favorite internet shows ‘Ian is Bored’ series, he always gets packages from his fans abroad. The boxes are always full with unexpected things from other countries, like own drawings, weird snacks, weird stickers, weird mask, and weird international food as well, of course. He eats in his show, dances, talks, opens his packages(gifts from his fans),, He’s doing a lot of stuff! And people like it!

Farewell to the queen: Kim gives it her all in her final performance

Farewell to the queen: Kim gives it her all in her final performance

Immediately following her performance, Kim said that she had successfully done her best and had shown all that she had worked for during her training. She also said, “As I have been repeatedly saying, a gold medal isn’t important to me. Simply competing in the [Olympic] games has given more meaning to me. I’m content because I have done everything that I could have done.”

New Zealander hikes North, South Korea

Roger Shepherd is an avid outdoorsman who has hiked the length of the Korean Peninsula, both North and South. Hiking the length of Korea consists, essentially, of hiking the Baekdudaegan.

The Baekdudaegan (백두대간, 白頭大幹, or “Great White-Topped Mountain Range”) is the heart of the Korean Peninsula. It is an unbroken chain of mountains that runs from the Chinese-North Korean border all the way to Jirisan Mountain in the south.

Animated 3D film ‘The Nut Job’ hits North America

A Korean-made animated 3D film will soon reach movie-lovers across North America.

“The Nut Job” is a Korea-Canada joint production on which the animation studio Redrover, along with its Canadian counterpart, has been working since 2010. It is scheduled to be screened starting January 17 at more than 3,000 movie theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to North America, the production has also secured in-theater screenings in 120 countries around the world.