Korea Drama Festival (KDF)

The Korea Drama Festival (KDF), first started in 2006, is an annual event celebrating Korean dramas—loved not only by Koreans, but by people all around the world. Main events include the Korea Drama Awards, the Drama OST Concert, and Drama Musical. Subsidiary events include drama exhibitions, hands-on experience programs, and cultural events that allow visitors to experience the true charm of Hallyu.

Andong Mask Dance Festival

Visitors to the festival can enjoy the many performances of Korea’s traditional mask dances. These dances are an important part of Korea’s heritage, in particular thebyeolsingut talnori dance, which has been designated an Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Korea. International mask dance troupes have also been invited to the festival, so visitors are exposed to folk culture from around the world.

Mindung Mountain Eulalia Festival (민둥산억새꽃축제)

The Mindungsan Eulalia Festival takes place in the Mindungsan Mountain area. Some of the events held include weekend mountain climbing, talent contests, Arirang singing contests, eulalia music concerts, a Mindungsan Gate ball competition and eulalia photo exhibition. Hands-on programs at the festival include a local food program, post card sending, mountain horseback riding and much more!