Drum cat Season Two “The Festival”




Non-verbal Performance

If you feel the freedom of your soul through “Free your Soul !!”, let’s enjoy the festival through “ The Festival !!

Drum Cat Season two“The Festival !!” is beyond the framework of existing drum playing, made up the world drums & reconstitution of funny. It can make the audiences participate the show together. This is totally different stage of Drum Cat Performance you’ve ever seen Before.Drum Cat has come back with the upgraded performance contents and the stage mechanism,  more glamorous and majestic show for the everybody. Enjoyable festival.






Drum Cat Season 2 “The Festival!!” is consist of the 4 chapters of Asia, Europe, America and Festival.

This is the music festival in the world with the features for each continent.The feature of “The Festival!!” is existing off the performance – oriented framework, changing of the dance, costumes and the instruments of each continents. With the appearance of funniest, the added pleasure from children to adults can enjoy the show. You can find things to do for you to have a lot of interesting performance.

Music of fast beats, from the classical music to techno music, impressive technic, ultrahigh speed of drums are such as acrobatics. This the one of the attractions of Drum Cat. You will enjoy laughing the world music festival through Drum Cat Concert. It will be your festival with Drum Cat.



   Monday ~ Tuesday / Thursday ~ Saturday

    – 16:00 / 20:00 (2 shows a day)

   Sunday , National Holidays

    – 16:00 (1 show a day)

   Wednesday (Day off)

Ticket Price

   R 50,000 (KRW) , S 40,000

“Drum Cat! Catch up with the heart of the audience through the festival.!!”

As you see the title of Drum Cat Season two“ The Festival !!”, concept of the world music festival, with the dance, drums, funny things, circus and special effects, exciting performance from children to adults through the various of direction and stage mechanism, Listen attentively to the voice of the audience.

From 2009, The first season of Drum Cat “Free Your Soul !!” in Myungbo Arthall still has been endeared to the audiences. Many of award winning from the international awards. But the Drum Cat will not stop here. Still trying various of styles and performances for the people. You will fall into the heat in the festival.

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